How Top Outsourcing Companies Provide High Value with Customized Marketing and Support Programs

Outsourcing has historically been limited to a standard set of business processes: call centers, data entry, and virtual assistants.  But did you know that the best outsourcing companies will now customize a program around your specific needs? Chances are pretty good that your competitors are embracing outsourcing – and in surprisingly effective ways. 

All companies have unique needs. These do not always fit nicely into the cookie cutter options typically offered by the mammoth-sized outsourcing companies. For example, contemporary boutique outsourcing companies will often customize a marketing lead gen or customer acquisition process. 

Pentwater Group just launched a highly-customized marketing campaign for a client that involves extracting qualified leads, and executing a campaign that includes email marketing, direct mail, texting, and outbound phone calls. Initial results show this client will triple their revenue as a result of this one campaign, all at a cost of less than three outsourced agents per client company.

Popular outsourcing programs also include customer support, technical support, customer retention and other customized services.

Pentwater Group for example has a media client in the newspaper industry. Pentwater created a very customized customer acquisition, retention, and customer support program for this client that makes them look more professional than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In a COVID-19 market that is hostile to media companies that rely on advertising, this Pentwater client is improving revenue and profitability…nice!

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