How Top Outsourcing Companies Provide High Value with Customized Marketing and Support Programs

Outsourcing has historically been limited to a standard set of business processes: call centers, data entry, and virtual assistants.  But did you know that the best outsourcing companies will now customize a program around your specific needs? Chances are pretty good that your competitors are embracing outsourcing – and in surprisingly effective ways. 

All companies have unique needs. These do not always fit nicely into the cookie cutter options typically offered by the mammoth-sized outsourcing companies. For example, contemporary boutique outsourcing companies will often customize a marketing lead gen or customer acquisition process. 

Pentwater Group just launched a highly-customized marketing campaign for a client that involves extracting qualified leads, and executing a campaign that includes email marketing, direct mail, texting, and outbound phone calls. Initial results show this client will triple their revenue as a result of this one campaign, all at a cost of less than three outsourced agents per client company.

Popular outsourcing programs also include customer support, technical support, customer retention and other customized services.

Pentwater Group for example has a media client in the newspaper industry. Pentwater created a very customized customer acquisition, retention, and customer support program for this client that makes them look more professional than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In a COVID-19 market that is hostile to media companies that rely on advertising, this Pentwater client is improving revenue and profitability…nice!

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Warren Walborn

Pentwater Group CEO Podcast Interview

Warren Walborn of Pentwater Group is back for his second episode with host Derek to discuss outsourcing opportunities with business owners.

Warren himself has seen before him business opportunities in the Philippines’ BPO industry and quickly take advantage of the great market potential by starting his own outsourcing consultancy company, right here in the Philippines.


  • According to Warren the BPO industry provides great opportunity for the educated Filipinos to earn a decent wage. It’s among the services industry that contributed greatly to the Philippine GDP.
  • Warren’s Pentwater Group enables client companies to outsource business responsibilities and by so doing save money. He says that the cost of employment can be as high as per employee, whereas with outsourcing, it may only cost an hour, with all the expertise in the BPO community.
  • The outsourcing industries can better take care of important and crucial business functions like customer service, marketing and technical support. High customer satisfaction means repeat customers and more business for the company. Likewise, highly capable tech support leads to operational efficiency.
  • There are BPOs equipped with very sophisticated data mining technology capable of extracting relevant customer information, identify customer needs, and defining effective marketing strategy.
  • The saving on employment cost can be used for all the other important activities or innovation to help the business dominate the market.

Key Points:

  • There is a growing potential for the outsourcing industry in the Philippines and more locators are positioning themselves in the country ahead of competitors.
  • Customer service, marketing, research and technical support are some of the business functions specialized by experts in the outsourcing industry.
  • Outsourcing allows very high savings in employment cost and more funds for other important business activities to dominate the market.



Why Outsourcing Continues To Grow Dramatically

Outsourcing is the process of delegating a company’s business process to third parties or external agencies, leveraging benefits ranging from low-cost labor, improved quality efficiency, production and service innovation. Here at Pentwater group, we pride ourselves on delivering market-leading BPO services to help our clients set and exceed their expectations.

In the global economy creating successful outsourcing, partnerships have become an increasingly vital aspect of any company’s sustained development and growth. When making an effective business decision one must balance the pros and cons. In this short article, we will discuss why outsourcing is a win-win solution and an absolute must-have for any business.

Before we discuss the variety of transformational benefits that come with creating an effective outsourcing partnership let’s take the time to first acknowledge the cons.


Job Loss
First, let’s talk about the obvious one that most seem to have a problem with, developing countries are stealing jobs from western nations. While there is some truth to the statement that the BPO or outsourcing industry is taking away mundane lower skilled jobs from American workers another statement can be made that the existence of outsourcing agencies has created new specialized opportunities within western companies which we will discuss later in greater detail.

Cultural language barriers
Another general criticism that can be made against leveraging international outsourcing agencies is the difficulty to maintain quality efficiency due to the inevitable cultural and language barrier. Gaps in communication can result in devastating losses of time and capital expenditure which is why we at Pentwater group have decided to base our operation in the Philippines.

Unlike with other outsourcing hubs like India, Malaysia, and China, the official national language here in the Philippines is English. While other languages are spoken here also, English is taught in every school at almost every age. Since American colonization in 1898 western culture has become a deeply ingrained part of the Philippine culture.

Challenge of quality service
When hiring an outsourced staff to handle intricate details within your business there is plenty of risks involved when factoring employment failure. Thankfully here at Pentwater group, we handle the training and employment development for you. All we require are your needs and organizational goals.


The positive benefits far outweigh the costs in reference to outsourcing which is why the industry is experiencing exponential growth year after year; businesses benefit immensely from outsourcing. Despite the aforementioned critiques of the business model ultimately outsourcing as an industry works and has survived the criticism.

Why has outsourcing boomed in the Philippines?
As previously mentioned, American culture is deeply ingrained within Philippine society. Street signs, menus and education curriculums are all in English. Universities have created BPO specific coursework and curriculums which has catered to the country becoming the call center capital of the world.

More than one million Filipinos work in the country’s many call centers. The Philippines Isn’t the biggest outsourcing nation but has become one of the highest quality options. The Philippine society is flexible, respectful, courteous and willing to serve which caters to the perfect breeding ground for customer service centers. Due to the lack of quality opportunities, when you hire a team in the Philippines you receive maximum effort in the hours that you purchase.

Reduce Costs
The obvious benefit which occurs when launching an outsourcing team is the reduction in cost.
Companies have been known to save 60% on labor costs, outsourcing frees up capital which provides opportunities for companies to diversify their growth.

Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs which can thusly be converted to market research, sales/marketing, and product development. Contracting with an offshore firm can provide cheap labor which is a matter of survival. Savings can help a business that is failing to avoid taking on additional debt and facing further financial strain.

Improved efficiency
The other primary benefit that you receive when hiring a call center or outsourcing agency is improved efficiency through specialization. If you hire an agency like ours for example that specializes in data entry and email marketing, you can only expect high-quality results that guaranteed a return on your investment. When you hire a team in the Philippines you receive maximum effort in the hours that you purchase.

Eliminate repetitive businesses processes
Outsourced jobs generally require low complexity and high repetition which is why the tasks can be completed with little training. Mundane tasks bog down any business, by eliminating them to an outside agency you provide more opportunities for specialization within your firm.

There is a reason why the outsourcing industry continues to expand exponentially year after year. Simply put, it is a great way to expand your business. Outsourcing is a great way to grow your company while freeing up your own time and saving money in the process. If you’re ready to finally leverage the growth of your business to its’ maximum capabilities, let the experts at Pentwater Group show you how to simplify and save through outsourcing.

Source: Outsource Accelerator, Why Outsourcing Is A Win Win Solution


Why Outsourcing

Many companies embrace outsourcing to reduce costs, though this is by no means the only benefit to contracting with businesses overseas. As Forbes recently pointed out, 300,000 jobs in the US are outsourced, and reducing labor costs is a primary reason many businesses choose to do it. The fact remains that businesses can hire a worker in the Philippines at a substantially lower rate than what they would pay a worker in the US, Canada, or the UK. It’s not uncommon for businesses to consistently save 60% on labor costs when they contract with an outsourcing firm in Asia, and in many cases, the savings can reach 80%.

But there are other benefits of outsourcing that are equally attractive.

  • Save on capital investment: When work is outsourced, the partner who takes over the outsourced work, make necessary investments in office space, IT, office furniture, and other capital costs.
  • Cost cutting on training and recruitment: When a particular type of work is outsourced, the client company is not required to employ recruiters, trainers, or supervisors. This is an enormous hidden cost to employment that is often overlooked in calculating the cost of each employee.
  • Round the clock work: Outsourcing has a great time zone benefit. Asian BPO offices operate 24 hours so the outsourced tasks can be accomplished when needed. There is also rarely any extra cost for weekend and holiday employees.
  • Faster results: As opposed to requiring that all mundane details be handled by senior team members, particularly in lean organizations, outsourcing frees up precious creative and productive brainpower by the savvy business leaders running a company. This enables faster development of ideas into concepts and faster delivery of concepts into products in the competitive market.
  • Overcome seasonal fluctuations: Outsourcing enables better control of seasonal workforce demands, without incurring the financial, organizational and emotional costs to hire and lay off employees.

Easy Answers: Why you need the experts at Pentwater

There are many reasons why companies decide to get started with business process outsourcing.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Reducing and controlling operating costs
  • Improving company focus
  • Freeing internal resources for other purposes
  • Streamlining or increasing efficiency

When selecting an outsourcing partner, the most important aspect necessary to create a successful relationship is communication and executive support.

When creating a new branch of your business it is important to have clearly defined strategic objectives and outsourcing initiatives. When working with Pentwater, simply provide us clearly set expectations and we guarantee only the highest level of success and customer satisfaction.

Again, here at Pentwater group, we make hiring a BPO team simple and easy. We hire, train and manage your new employees. All you do is tell us your goals and objectives, pay a nominal hourly rate, and monitor quality control to confirm that we are effectively reaching your desired goals. This ultimately enables you to achieve better business outcomes such as superior customer service, tremendous growth, and greatly improved profitability.