Why Outsourcing is Good for US-Based Employees

A report by CNN Money stated that when a company like Apple chooses to have its iPhones manufactured in China, it uses its money savings to hire more employees in areas like sales, technology design, and marketing. The report stated that

“even though some people lost jobs due to outsourcing, the greater efficiencies the industries realized allowed them to hire even more people in the United States than were laid off.”

Outsource Accelerator

On a microeconomic level within a work team (whether as part of a corporation, non-profit, or government organization), just about all Americans want to advance their careers. However, there are always “grunt work” tasks that must be done such as data entry, managing customer service, or other tasks that must be attended to, but do not provide highly sought-after career advancement opportunities. Employers often believe that they have no choice but to allocate their limited labor dollars to these grunt work tasks and that they must hire costly American employees to perform these menial tasks.

This is a common impediment to career advancement, and the result is that many more important tasks are overlooked, such as marketing, research and development, and other things that will result in pursuing growth opportunities.

Savvy employers who outsource the grunt work, are able to train their American employees to manage more important responsibilities. The US-based employees, therefore, benefit by gaining training and career advancement opportunities appropriate to their motivation and capabilities. Warren Walborn, CEO, Pentwater Group, published March 2018